• Proposed Plastic Excise Tax Would Hurt Consumers Without Fundamentally Reducing Plastic Waste

    Would an excise tax on virgin plastics used to manufacture single-use products achieve the stated goal of incentivizing the market to source more recycled plastic and reduce the amount of plastic waste? Perhaps to a limited extent, but it comes at a considerable cost. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (...
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  • S Infrastructure Bill Windfall Global building and construction initiatives show how plastics can be part of the sustainability solution.

    CRDC - Habitat for Humanity from CRDC Global on Vimeo. The plastics industry is positioning itself — and in some cases is poised — to earn a share of the $1 trillion infrastructure bill approved by the US Senate in a bipartisan vote on Sept. 7. The bill is intended to rebuild the nation’s roads, ...
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  • Running into Resin Shortages? Here Are Five Plastic Alternatives to Consider When Designing Products

    Substitutes are readily available, based on desired material properties and the function of the finished part. Supply-chain disruptions have left no part of our industry untouched over the last year. While there is light at the end of the tunnel in our fight against COVID-19, it is apparent the f...
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  • The 104th China Food & Drink Fair

    The 104th China Food & Drink Fair

    7th -9th Aprial,2021, we attend the 104th China food and Drink Fair at Chengdu city. Met many cooperated companies and have a good effective during the fair.this fair is 3day,Our company colleagues arrived at the exhibition on the ...
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  • Opening ceremony

    Opening ceremony

    19th Feb,2021, the company held the opening ceremony after CNY holiday. All the workers made a pic at factory, then go to the restaurant to celebrate. At the same time, awarded the outstanding workers during 2020 year. The most important step is that the boss have a spee...
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  • Spring outing

    Spring outing

    In the spring of 2020, the company organized a spring outing for employees. The purpose of this spring outing is to increase the happiness of employees and increase the enthusiasm of employees. Our company's goal is Unity, truth-seeking, innovation. The destination of th...
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